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The STR8S Mailing List is an Internet mailing list for straight spouses of bisexual, gay, or lesbian partners

 who are trying to keep their marriages intact and for keeping the relationship positive for

those couples who are separating and divorcing. The Str8s List is not moderated; it is a closed

list so that only straight spouses will be members. The subscription list is private.

There are three other lists associated with STR8S---SOTTS, SSML and UKstr8s

For more info on SOTTS visit the homepage at 

For more info on SSML visit the homepage at

For more info on UKstr8s, email the UK contact for SSN

All requests are seen by a real person, who will request further information.
Please allow up to 2 weeks for a response. If you do not hear something in
that amount of time, please resubmit.

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Please take a look at some of the resources available through the str8s private website,
the majority of which is accessible only via membership of the list.

Coping strategies

Suggested reading

Articles on SSN

Links to further resources


You can also contact the Straight Spouse Network, to get information on face-to-face support groups
and the names of State or Country representatives,
or contact Amity Buxton directly at

For information on support in the United Kingdom, please contact

For information on a support group in Adelaide, Australia, for the ex spouses of homosexual or
bi sexual partners, Pat can be contacted by telephone on (08) 83961786, or by
post at  PO Box 546, St Agnes,  South Australia, 5097 or email


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